Game arcade Qub3z is located at Breepark Breda. With the integration of the Virtual Reality offerings from VR World, Qub3z provides an unique gaming experience. At our location, you can play various games, including Virtual Reality, Nintendo Switch on an XXL screen, PS5 on a large screen, race simulators, an interactive game table, and gaming PC’s. Prefer an interest in old-school board games? The choice is yours!

Explore our activities and prices below!



Games & Fun

  • Nintendo Switch XXL: €15 per hour
  • Nintendo Oqto (private gaming): €12.50 per hour
  • Racing Room: €15 per person (2 race seats)
  • PS5: €10 per hour
  • Board games: Free
  • PC room (max 10 people): From €4 per person per hour
  • Interactive game table: €10 per hour

Virtual Reality

  • VR Escape Room: €33 per person (1 hour)
  • VR Multiplayer: €40 per person
  • Combideal 2 VR Escape Rooms: €48 per person
  • Comdideal VR Escape + Multi: €50 per person
  • Introduction: €150 per room (1,5 hour, 2 VR Headsets, max 6 per room)
  • Feeling like a drink and some snacks? There is a bar with beverages available. Additionally, there is a Tasty locker with treats and drinks. Are you a true coffee enthusiast? Be sure to try our Starbucks coffee.

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Join us with your friends and enjoy gaming like you have never done before. Try out new games, meet new people, show your game skills and drink cold beers at our bar!

Virtual Reality is the activity of the moment. Battling zombies, firing fireballs, and engaging in an epic duel with lightsabers – with Virtual Reality, the boundaries of adventure are endless. VR World

Qub3z is the venue in Breda to host your next team building activity! With over 200m2 of epic gaming experiences and various meeting practices we will provide a unique experience for you and your colleagues.

Experience the thrill of high-speed racing with our racing simulators! Challenge you’re friends to an exhilarating race or enjoy the excitement on your own. 

Immerse yourself in the stunning graphics and intense gameplay as your favorite titles come to life on a big screen. With two controllers, share the excitement with friends for a fun and social gaming experience.

Dive into the joy of board games! Our collection features the most popular titles, offering endless entertainment for you and your friends, absolutely free.