ChampZ is the latest local Esports association in Breda, known for its free-roam gaming and professional PC gaming facilities. The name “ChampZ” is inspired by the idea of becoming a champion in gaming, with a focus on Generation Z. The association aims to train its members and help them improve their skills in a variety of games, including popular titles like Valorant, League of Legends, and even organizing Smash Bros tournaments for the Nintendo Switch. The primary goal of ChampZ is to create a community where gaming enthusiasts can come together, have fun, and enhance their gaming abilities.

Exclusive member deal

  • 10% discount on drinks and snacks.
  • VR Escape rooms / Multiplayer – 50% discount (VR World).
  • €5 for 15 minutes of VR Gaming (VR World).
  • You can buy your jersey with your own name.
  • Coaching in gaming.
  • N- Switch.
  • Boardgames.
  • Tournaments.

  • The regular Membership Fees: €25. Be keen on special offers with monthly discounts.
  • Special offer for the first 25 members, which is per month. After this initial period, the standard monthly fee is €25.
  • Use the Voucher: During the registration process, use the voucher code “derooipannen23.”

Here are some key details about ChampZ

  • Event Schedule: Gaming sessions are held every Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30 at their venue in Breepark.
  • Founders: ChampZ is a collaborative effort between Qub3z and the gaming company Dynasty.
  • Future Ambitions: They have ambitious plans for the future, hoping to grow into the biggest Esports association in Breda and potentially expand to other cities in the Netherlands.
  • Download the Qub3z App: You need to have the Qub3z app installed on your device.
  • Choose the ChampZ E-sport Subscription: Inside the app, select the “ChampZ E-sport” subscription.

By following these steps, you can become a member of ChampZ and take advantage of their gaming facilities and community. It’s a great opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to enhance their skills and have a good time with like-minded individuals.

Play –> Adept –> Dominate

Join us with your friends and enjoy gaming like you have never done before. Play in your own tournament or register for organized events in the Qub3z app! 

Qub3z is a place to come together and play! Join us with your friends and enjoy gaming like you have never done before.

Qub3z is the venue in Breda to host your next team building activity! With over 200m2 of epic gaming experiences and various meeting practices we will provide a unique experience for you and your colleagues.

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